Volunteer Abroad with MEDLIFE in 2024

Join a Service Learning Trip and help us bring medicine, education, and development to low-income communities in South America & Africa.



The MEDLIFE Difference

Our mission is to build a worldwide Movement empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education, and a safe home. To achieve our mission, we take a different approach to social justice work: listening, collaborating, prioritizing sustainability, and always following-up.

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We start by listening. Our priorities are driven by the communities we partner with. Rather than telling someone what they need, we hear their concerns and struggles, and come up with a solution together.

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Our dual approach empowers volunteers and low-income communities to cultivate change by working together. Everything we do is supported 50% by MEDLIFE, and 50% by the community.

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To contribute to solutions in a world of challenges, we focus on sustainable community development. We work alongside local professionals and leaders, building long-term partnerships.

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Our local healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors, provide 24/7/365 quality patient care to those we meet during Mobile Clinics. They prioritize the well-being and health of each individual served.



The Heart of MEDLIFE

MEDLIFE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with low-income communities in South America and Africa to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development projects. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of a world free from the constraints of poverty, we we empower students and volunteers to become advocates for change by:

  • Creating on-campus Chapters
  • Volunteering in Service Learning Trips
  • Supporting the Moving Mountains campaign

With this support, MEDLIFE hires and trains local staff to provide high quality 24/7/365 patient care, community development projects, and educational workshops to empower communities in need.


Welcome to Our Homes

The sites in South America and Africa where we run Service Learning Trips, employ local staff, and provide patient follow-up care and community development projects, are referred to as our homes. These are the places where we have deeply rooted connections to the local communities and the ability to work hand in hand on creating a world free from the constraints of poverty. Our current homes include:

  • Lima, Peru
  • Cusco, Peru
  • Tena, Ecuador
  • Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Tamarindo, Costa Rica


MEDLIFE Chapters

MEDLIFE Chapters are student groups, led by passionate faculty or students, that represent and promote MEDLIFE at their schools and in their local communities. They make an immeasurable impact – fundraising for MEDLIFE, volunteering in Service Learning Trips, engaging in local community service initiatives, and more. Involved students develop leadership skills, have the opportunity to make a difference, and build important relationships that last a lifetime.


Hear from Those Who’ve Made a Difference

As an aspiring physician, MEDLIFE motivated me to further continue my goal of becoming a doctor. In fact, I enjoyed the Tanzania Service Learning Trip so much that I decided to go on another trip to Cusco, Peru.

Harry Vildibill
University of Georgia

I loved learning about the patients MEDLIFE has followed and how they offer real help to people with chronic/urgent conditions. It is amazing how the organization formed real connections with the communities.

Isabelle Holt
Cornell University

Being involved with MEDLIFE is not like joining another club – its bigger than that. It is about joining a movement that seeks to help change people’s quality of life for forever.

Abygail Youmans
College of Charleston

This trip made everything that I was learning in my public health courses come to life and immersed me in a new culture while also learning about medicine.

Sydney Sansone
Nova Southeastern University

It was most enjoyable to finish the hard work and see how big a difference a group of individuals can make. It was such an amazing experience.

Victoria DiCanio
University of Connecticut

This trip motivated me more to pursue a career in the healthcare field so that I can use my resources to help those who need it the most, similar to MEDLIFE’s mission.

Reya Seby
Western University

I enjoyed the mobile clinics the most, especially the dental and triage portions. I would definitely recommend a MEDLIFE trip, it was a great experience.

Anita Woo
University of Toronto

One thing that I really loved about this trip was that MEDLIFE made sure that the volunteers got an understanding of the complexity of issues that lead to underprivileged people in communities outside of the main city

Julian Takagi-Stewart
University of Toronto

Not only was I able to participate in a week long Mobile Clinic, shadowing doctors of all types of specialties including pharmacy, dentistry, gynecology, and more, but I was also able to learn about the culture and visit incredible places.

Emi Hofmann
University of Central Florida

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